Business Divisions

Shijiazhuang CAPT Power Transmission Co., Ltd. (or CAPT for short)

The new global headquarters and main manufacturing center for the CAPT organization, which was completed by the end of 2021. The facility boosts over 700 sets of machining and auxiliary equipment that can facilitate the research, development, and production of various power transmission and drive components. With over 160 major product categories and 45,000 specifications, CAPT is one of the most comprehensive manufacturers of mechanical power transmission product in the world.

CAPT possesses skilled trade teams adept in English and international trade protocols, ensuring superior service for both domestic and international customers. Due to strong dependability and superior quality, the "CAPT" branded products are a mainstay in North America, Japan, Southeast Asia, and Europe.

Tianjin CAPT Power Transmission Co., Ltd.(Tianjin Factory)

Established in December 1993 in Tianjin's Binhai New Area, Tianjin CAPT Power Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd. prioritizes customer value creation. Leveraging years of technological prowess and factory management, it focuses on the production and sales of mechanical power transmission parts'. With a team of over 20 experienced technicians and four design engineers, Tianjin CAPT specializes in small batch machining, with nearly 100 precision equipment units, including but not limited to CNC machine centers, lathe, gear hobs, broaches, grinders, sawing machines, etc.

CAPT-USA, Inc. and NSPT-USA, Inc. two North American partners

"CAPT-USA, Inc.": Serving as Shijiazhuang CAPT's North American general agent since 1999, it handles import, export, purchase, and sales operations in North America, focusing on VIP bulk purchases in the United States and Canada.

"NSPT-USA, Inc.": Established in 2005 as Shijiazhuang CAPT's North American distributor, it's a rapidly expanding professional distributor within the mechanical power transmission industry. Responsible for purchasing, inventory management, and sales in the United States and Canada.